Ruhi Book 3 Memorization Songs

Now in English and Spanish


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Overview  - The following songs are for the Ruhi Book 3 Grades 1, 2 and 3  books.  Each lesson is structured around the development of a spiritual  quality and includes a memorization quotation.  The songs below are  these quotations and the prayers set to music to make learning them easy  and fun.  All the songs are written by Larry Magee, unless otherwise noted, and are free to download, reproduce and use.  Click on the song title link to listen / download  see how-to

Contributing Artists -  Diana Bangratz, Lourdes Ballard, Gustaff Besungu, Angela Bryan, Goleta  Burriston, Cheryl Watson Cooney, Awu Donson, Tracy Dreyer, Ameli  Dziemba, Rafa Fleita, Earl Gaston, Alessandro Giua, Laura Harley, Walter  Heath, Julie Iraninejad & Shabnam Cyrus, Hlodver Jokulsson,Shona  Kenrick, Anke Keitel, Katharine Key, Kiskadee, Genevieve Labbe, Lindsay  LaMarche,  Harrison Lenz, Matthew Levine, Zack Livesay, Anna Luxion,  Elika Mahoney, Mark McDowell, Claire McGrail, Yosi Mesbah, Carlos  Medina, Melenya, John Neal, Doug OMalley, Helen Keniston Oney, Nasim  Maani, Alan & Lorraine Manifold, Murali S. Nair, Sergie Nevidimov,  Greg Parker and the Children's Spiritual Workshop, Cynthia  Phillips, Tricia Raezer, Anastasia Rene, Nadine Reyhani, Darrell  Rodgers, Rachel Parker-Roohi, Carlos Rosa, Russ Salton, Shameem  Taheri-Lee, SKY, Mimosa Smolander, Soulrise Melodies, Susan St. John,  Rana Tabrizi, Azeen Tashakkor, Tahirih Amador Vazquez, David Edward  Walker, Mehal Watson, Nancy Watters, Bryan Weber, Ramine Yazhari, Igor  Zotov.  -- Type crtl-f and type in the singer's name to find their  song(s)

Here's a site with more music for Baha'i Children's Classes

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1. GRADE 1 SONGS  (pre-publication version 3.1.1PP) Download all Grade 1 Songs

     -Here is a link to the 24 pre-publication lessons
     -View the Spanish source quotations at / Reference Material / Coloring Sheets.
     -Download a Chords and Lyrics Book for all of the Grade 1 songs below.
     -Piano / Guitar sheet music for the grade 1 songs (lyrics included)
     -Download a CD Insert that can be cut out and placed in a clear CD case
    -Bonus Song - O God Educate These Children.  Sung by Claire McGrail.

2. GRADE 2 SONGS  (pre-publication version 2.1.1PP 2012)  Download all Grade 2 songs

      -Download a Chords and Lyrics Book for all of the Grade 2 songs below.
      -Download the Grade 2 List of Quotes and Prayers  to be memorized

3.  GRADE 3 SONGS  (pre-publication version) Download all Grade 3 Songs 

More songs are coming soon...  Check back.

Notes from Teachers, etc.

"Dear  Larry. Thank you for making such a good album, I did not know about  this site until about 4 months ago when I wanted to start a new children  class, so I went searching for new materials and what I was mostly  looking for was the quotations put to music and here I found it, and  ever since I have been trying to share it with all my friends through  facebook. My children class student isasix  year old and she has almost learnt every one of the quotations by  heart, they are so easy to learn and fun for children, every time I play  one of the songs, she gets up and dances and makes actions along with  the quotation, and this itself makes the class so interesting for her  and more exciting for her to attend every week.  Thank you once again."   -Anisa Kasiri